Public Safety

Cineflex camera systems go beyond the world of production and broadcast to help local, state and federal agencies ensure public safety across the country.

From airborne law enforcement to fire suppression to power and pipeline inspection, our airborne camera systems offer first responders and public servants the clarity, accuracy and reliability they need to protect the public and maintain government infrastructures.

With unmatched stabilization and long-range high-definition and infrared imaging, our camera systems quickly and accurately identify suspected criminals or persons in distress. With searchlight control, laser rangefinders and geo-pointing functions, our camera systems help to keep eyes on target.

With high-definition and infrared sensors, our airborne cameras can detect conditions that might threaten the integrity of the line in difficult weather or lighting conditions. These systems offer wide-area and long-range detection capabilities to reliably identify threatening conditions, from line damage to vegetation intrusion to oncoming fire or storms.

General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies offers additional products and capabilities to support public safety through their V-Series airborne camera systems. For more information on the V-Series products, please click here.