Cineflex V14-HS

General Dynamics created the Cineflex V14-HS (High Sensitivity) camera system to improve the capabilities of broadcast and electronic news gathering (ENG) operations to all hours of the day and night.

The Cineflex V14-HS Camera System features a high-sensitivity 3CMOS sensor that assures high contrast color imagery in dark, misty and foggy conditions. The V14-HS incorporates the latest image processing techniques including noise reduction; de-haze function, and IR-Pass function to recognize the color and shape of the subject in conditions with limited ambient light.

The gyro-stabilized platform enables close observation of the subject from distance standoff ranges providing with a high degree of image stability. Combined with system options including Geo-pointing, Auto-Tracking, Searchlight, Moving Map, and Remote interfaces the V14-HS greatly enhances the effectiveness of remote monitoring applications in difficult imaging conditions.

Click here to download the V14-HS datasheet.